Tournament Rules

  1. Placement on brackets determined by age, gender and how many participants
  2. Each team must have at least 3 players, maximum of 4 players
  3. The tournament will be double elimination
  4. Each game is 20 minutes running time or 21 points
  5. A coin will be tossed to decide the team that will begin with the ball each game
  6. Intentional fouls - automatic point and ball; 2nd intentional - asked to leave
  7. Monitor calls stand
  8. If ANYONE causes problems, swearing, fighting, anything the monitor doesn't feel sportsmanlike you will be asked to leave the tournament and forced to exit the gymnasium
  9. Sub during dead ball
  10. Jump ball alternated possessions
  11. Must take ball back past foul line after every change of possession
  12. Must check the ball after every dead ball including a made basket
  13. All field goals are worth 1 point
  14. In case of tie must win by 2 points
  15. Captain from the winning team must check in after each game to get their court assignment for the next game
  16. First place wins trophy